Keine Stille im Weltall

Chris Hadfield, einer der aktuellen ISS-Astronauten, hat anscheinend Spass mit Audiorecording, seine Soundcloudseite ist voll davon. Hier zeigt er uns, was für ein Lärm an Bord der der Internationalen Raumstation zu hören ist. dvice

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  1. Im Weltall nichts neues:
    Schon Cicero beschrieb die „Harmonie des Alls“ in seinem ‚Somnium Scipionis‘. Daher schrieb ich schon damals (nicht zu Ciceros Zeit – ich bin ein klein wenig jünger):

    „There is music wherever there is harmony, order, or proportion;
    and thus far we may maintain the music of the spheres.“
    (Sir Thomas Browne – 1605-82)

    Last time we met , I was late and missed the first half hour. Maybe, that wasn’t too bad. The topic would, most certainly, have caught my mind in flames -: the Predictability of Fascism had been the topic of my doctoral work: a big Dream Backwards Pretending To Be A Future and not worth of being called a philosophy. Dreams can be Nightmares, and that one was. Fortunately, I missed that one and, thus, was able to suggest a better one:
    a Big Dream Forward – though 2000 years old

    In his political work of 54 -50 B.C., ‚De Re Publica‘, Marcus Tullius Cicero gives the word to the somewhat earlier Scipio junior who describes his summary of the universe in a dream – and his Universe consists of sound and system. His system is pre-copernican and, yet, not entirely ptolemean. It consists of nine spheres, containing the planets of our solar system – minus Neptune, Uranus, and (the yet undiscovered) Pluto, as well as our Sun and our Moon:

    „One of them, the outermost, is that of heaven; it contains all the rest, and is itself the supreme God, holding and embracing within itself all the other spheres; in it are fixed the eternal revolving courses of the stars. Beneath it are seven other spheres which revolve in the opposite direction to that of heaven…“

    Thus, we have a quite modern view of „Who or What is God?“ Obviously, not the personalized old fellow on a cloud of toddlers‘ minds, but the moving force of the universe – not a He or She, but everything:
    A Universal Power For A Universal Existence.

    And this Power is not remote and mute but has a voice:

    „What is this great and pleasant sound that fills my ears?
    -This is … produced by the onward rush and motion of the spheres themselves; the intervals between them, though unequal, being exactly arranged in a fixed proportion, by an agreeable blending of high and low tones various harmonies are produced; for such mighty motions cannot be carried on so swiftly in silence, and Nature has provided that one extreme shall produce low tones while the other gives forth high. Therefore, this uppermost sphere of heaven, which bears the stars, as it revolves more rapidly, produces a high tone, whereas the lowest revolving sphere, that of the moon, gives forth the deepest one, for the earthly sphere, the ninth, remains ever motionless and stationary in its position in the center of the universe. But the other eight spheres, two of which move with the same velocity, produce seven different sounds – a number which is the key to almost everything.
    Learned men, by imitating this harmony on stringed instruments and in song, have gained for themselves a return to this region, as others have obtained the same reward by devoting their brilliant intellects to divine pursuits during their earthly lives.
    Men’s ears, ever filled with this sound, have become deaf to it; for you have no duller sense than that of hearing. We find a similar phenomenon where the Nile rushes down from those lofty mountains at the place called the Cataracts: the people who live near by have lost their sense of hearing on account of the loudness of the sound. But this mighty music, produced by the revolution of the whole universe at the highest speed, cannot be perceived by human ears, any more than you can look straight at the Sun, your sense of sight being overpowered by its radiance…“

    The last of these paragraphs may remind us of the effects of modern disco-addiction, and also shed some light on Beethoven’s impairment. As for the astronomical system, methinks, we have to forgive Scipio, respectively Cicero, for their little pre-copernican mis-calculations.

    In the omnipresence of motion, however, we may recognize Heraclit’s dictum as well as our modern and astonishing Einstonian universe in which ‘C2’ is an essential factor. If the very substance of the universe is in motion and ever-changing, it is not silent, mute, but speaks to us. In different pitches, tones, and rhythms – as in different lights and pulsations.

    It reminds me, however, of the approach in the traditional Instrument Landing System of an airport: there is a higher, short sequence of a sound on port, a lower, long sequence of a sound on starboard. When I am on the right flight path, I hear a continuous mid-pitched humming to which the two combine. Similarly, Scipio’s star tracks produce different pitches, according to their respective speeds – but together they merge into the Harmony of the Spheres which indicates that the working of the universe is intact. We know by now, of course, about the interdependence of speed and sound – the speed referring to the speed in which waves appear, i.e. the frequency. And as the summary of all visible (plus to us invisible) frequencies is the brightness of the combined spectrum, the summary of all audible (plus to us inaudible) frequencies is the full sound of the sacred syllable „OM“ – as in the praise of the Buddha.

    It is this Multiplicity in Unity that is so fascinating – yes: addictive! Just one sound, or one colour, or one shape, or one taste, or one touch – or one thought – would be boring after a short while. And yet: „In the beginning was …“ just that one …. WHAT? – The Word? The thought? The touch, taste, shape, colour, sound? The LOGOS! – The One that was so Many – the One in which so manifold things were contained. The One with which those who reach Buddhahood have reached reunion: the Nothing that is Everything – the Greatest that is the Smallest – just as in Allah’s 100 names or in the definition of Tao in the verses of Lao Zi or in the Jahwe of the old Testament who calls himself ‚Iam that I am‘ or even ‚I am that I am going to be‘: the Change that is the only Continuum!

    In Einstein’s „verses“ it is the living universe that, as the One (perhaps even among others), lives by the motion in all its millions of millions of appearances – but always in one substance: power. And we can hear it: Just stand under the cables stretching from pylon to pylon in a cool night, and you hear the movement of the particles singing continuously. Thus: May the Force be with us! What we have mentioned here comes out in numbers of mathematics. And yes: that is our way of describing what is there in cool and sober thought and reasoning – the way to knowledge.

    Maybe, however, that is too sober for an enthousiast (mind you: there are addicted, enthousiastic mathematicians or cyber-fanatics) and cosmo-romantic. But it is in many things to the heart: in Music, Forms and Colours, Feelings and Love. Longing for those wholeheartedly means longing for a home in that unity. That is the basis of the feeling lost or „geworfen“ in Heidegger’s diction – as well as in Buddha’s view of human existence: We feel incomplete and long for completion.

    Music is one great sound – consisting of many frequencies and movements; Art is one great appearance – consisting, like an insect’s eye, of many facets – in colours as in forms. We often just use them, produce them, thus creating Symbols of what we long for – in the same way as we create Gods and Religions – instead of opening ourselves to their revelation that waits to speak to us. In this, we are a bit like a bunch of kindergarten kids who go about prancing and yelling-singing. There is nothing wrong with that – but we have to stop some of the time to listen – otherwise, we’ll loose our hearing – just like Scipio’s people by the Nile. Let us be like children and open – but grown-up children who listen and let the Harmony come to us:

    „Music Is The Powerful Language Of The Universe –
    May The Force Be With You!“

    Gefällt mir

  2. Ziemlich brutal laut. Bekommt man auch gut in diesem tollen Video von Sunita Williams über die ISS mit:

    Gefällt mir

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