Internet Blackout Day 2013

internet blackout day

Internet Blackout Day 2013

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  2. This latest complaint of the US Govt. against China about being „hacked“ seems like a complaint by a professional car thief that his bicycle is missing.
    I mean: Is there anyone around who is not aware of the immense US spy presence everywhere in the world? How many telephones are permanently eavesdropped into – mine included – and I am small fry – just opposed to (a) Imperialism and (b) total freedom to all sexual or anti-sexual (namely „gender“) orientations.


    As for (a): I served in NATO air force intelligence and eavesdropping in the military – but we knew exactly that it did not stop at the airbase perimeter, and I know that „controlled freedom“ is no freedom at all.
    As for (b): Very simple: I was raped by a „gay“ – and I was not happy (which is what ‚gay‘ should mean – but doesn’t with a penis where it doesn’t belong), which is why I do not forget the altarboys, the many more boy scouts (and girl guides?), the many sports people, the many brought up be a lonely single parent (often mother).
    As for the hacking:
    My computer was closed down several times – legal documents on it (I am retired, but still p/t work for the High Court of Hong Kong and for Govt.) were altered, or erased.
    It happened always after I had written a comment, article, or letter critical of either false presentations of homosexuality and other acquired (not genetic!) orientations, or unlawful US policies.
    By the way, it happened first time when I had filled in and sent off an official FBI crime report form, reporting War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity being committed by a certain Mr. George W. Bush, then resident in Washington DC, in Iraq. As witness I named Mr. Kofi Annan who had judged Mr. Bush’s invasion into Iraq a criminal act.
    I had to set up my computer completely anew – and this had been a professional hacking with full blast – and hiding. It came from Langley or other interested places.
    So: US complaint about hacking?
    As said before: I am still working for the Judiciary here, and documents here were fiddled with. If they are not careful in Washington, Beijing could complain about hacking and interfering into the Judiciary and Courts of China. Those with a record of biting should not complain when (allegedly) bitten.


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