Rap News 19: Whistleblower


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  1. Snowden’s choice of Hong Kong might have beeen that he has something to offer – like for instance: US hacking on Chinese computers, say the Judiciary – as the US agencies do on my computer – and I work for the High Court of Hong Kong.

    Although that is small fry, Beijing might see it as interesting enough – esp. if Washington continues to play the „high and mighty“ in matters of „Human Rights“ – to which they are as much entitled as their late friend Pinochet.

    Let me just walk down an alley-way of logic:
    Snowden flew to Hong Kong – and Hong Kong is China.
    Which did not seem a wise move (Moscow would seem safer), for:
    Hong Kong has an independent judiciary (which I serve – and my computer has been hacked in US interest – as reported to HK Police and the Interior Ministry in Beijing)

    HK’s judiciary has been „independent“ enough to extradite a Libyan person and his family , on US request, to Ghadafi’s Libya for „interrogation“ (speak torture).

    A similar extradition request has now been indicated (God knows whereto Edward Snowden would be „rendered“). He certainly would wish to avoid that, wherefore:

    He can reveal to China what concerns China
    – and HK will have to follow Beijing’s (i.e. national) interests.

    In other words:
    Edward Snowden is not the daft bumbler we were told he is.
    But the NSA (and the Obama administration), however, are a nest of them.

    As for Edward’s further journeys: Moscow – yes, good choice. But Equador? The independence movement of the MercoSur is good – but is it strong enough to survive US pressure and blackmail for good?

    Cuba would seem the better option. But let’s hope forthe best – and wish him the best of luck!

    Gefällt mir

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