Verschwindet Palästina ganz?

israel palästina

Der kurz vor der weltweiten Anerkennung stehende arabische Kleinstaat Palästina hat Chancen, demnächst völlig von der Landkarte zu verschwinden. Der arabische TV-Sender Al Jazeera berichtet auf seiner Website und unter Berufung auf israelische wie auch palästinensische Quellen, dass in Verhandlungen um die Zukunft der Westbank von offizieller israelischer Seite der Verlauf der Sperranlagen (mit einer bis zu 8 Meter hohen Betonmauer) als zukünftige Grenze zwischen Israel und einem möglichen Staat Palästina bezeichnet wird.

Die obige Karte zeigt ganz richtig die Gebietsentwicklung an der Levante. Das arabische Palästina ist also heute auf den kleinen Gaza-Streifen und eine Gruppe von Siedlungsinseln reduziert. Man muss sich vor Augen halten, dass alle Kriege um Israel von arabischer Seite ausgingen. Andererseits wird der Festungsausbau des Landes und die Vertreibung der arabischen Einwohner Palästinas einen Frieden im Mttleren Osten auf lange Zeit unmöglich machen.

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  1. Wrongs are done unashamedly and in broad daylight – with claims dating back to early conquests and mass murders: the first true and real Holocaust, as described -or celebrated- in the Thora as „no man, woman, nor child did we let live“.

    That cannot be Jahwe’s command. Marduk or Ishtar – maybe. But not a God of Justice and civilization.
    And what now? The same thing. Not a full Holocaust, but many little Srebrenicas since 1948, and the world was duped, bribed, threatened into accepting all that – out of guilt feelings.

    We all know that Israel, respectively the radical Zionism which pretends to represent the Jewish people, but does it as much as its long-term allies of Apartheid represented South Africa, has immense power over the USA – not ‚power in the USA, but „Power Over The USA“, as no President can ever dare say even one strong word against whatever any radical in Israel says or does.

    But what is Anti-Semitism? Those in Israel are not really Semites any more. In their long diaspora, especially the Ashkenazim have taken on more Caucasian DNA than they have in Semitic left-overs.

    Yes, the Moroccan etc North-African Sephardim are Semites – but they are treated as a second-class minority in Israel. Just after the foundation of that “Master Race State”, these Sephardim had over 100,000 of their children sterilized or otherwise damaged by up to 1500 times the permitted dosage of x-rays exposure, given to them under the pretence of “ringworm protection”. Why only them? Not any Ashkenazim children? – It was a US financed (and equipped) research project. That’s why.

    So, who are the Semites? And who is anti-Semitic?
    Whose homes were there that were seen across the Jordan – before the first true Holocaust we know of: the one committed when “no man, woman, nor child did we let live”, as celebrated in the scriptures – and still used as “justification” for that conquest.
    The Palestinians never did that, and are truly children of Abraham (and Noah’s good son, Sem). Thus, Israel’s history, and the murderous Gaza slaughter was true Antisemitism – not the defending of people wronged and murdered in thousands.

    It just strikes me: the only thing we did not see is rape. Mass rape was threatened by Israeli commanders, but not carried out – just for inspiring fear and sending whole populations to flee. But that „abstention“ – is that, as it was for the NAZIs, just racist anathema: “Rassenschande”? Which is a bit strange, as the Israeli self-justification is not really racial ,nor truly Judaic, as per religion, but purely ideological – as Hitler’s doctrines were not truly racial (Germany had been an enormous „melting pot“ throuhout the ages since the early migrations) nor based on European Christianity or even Germanic/Wagnerian Asgard – but simply feudalistic dreams backward.

    It all looks so similar in Israel to what we saw from 1933 to 1945. It’s just not what real victims do: Copy their torturers. But those who committed the mass murder and ethnic cleansing which was the real forming of Israel – not the corrupted, bought, and blackmailed meagre „majority vote“ in the UN which, with all the US bullying just about reached enough votes to allow the multitude of crimes in the foundation of a state whose flag and star should not be blue, but red with shed blood – those had not come from the concentration camps of Europe; they were local radicals who had always hated their non-Jewish neighbors because they felt themselves “superior” – as “Erez El” – “God’s own people”. What an arrogance!

    Obama knows it, we all know it – but whoever speaks the truth is an „Anti-Semite“. That also is „Newspeak“, doctrine of the „Ministry of Truth“ – and we thought that „1984“ was long behind us.

    Even Israel troubles are not about Israel people – they are about reckless policies of racially mixed immigrants, initially mostly from US, against Semites who got murdered and ethnically cleansed out of their homes.

    It is the US presence in that region, represented by AIPAC Zionism and artificial kingdoms, that lies at the root of all problems.


  2. Antisemitismus ist ein genauso wirksames Argument, wie Kinderschänder, Terrorist, Raubkopierer usw. usf.
    Wer sich mal einen interessanten Einblick verschaffen will, wie die Jungs so ticken, dem sei die Doku „Töte zuerst!“ ans Herz gelegt.
    Bevor mich jetzt gleich der Hammer von Godwin trifft: Nein, hier kommen keine fundamentalistischen Taliban zu Wort, sondern fast ausschliesslich Ex-Chefs des Shin Bet.


  3. WTF have they done with Palestina?!


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