Raptor-Radtour gegen Religion und Gehirnwäsche


Der norwegische Künstler Markus Moestue baute (mit Hilfe von Freunden) dieses Dinosaurier-Dreirad und fuhr damit Anfang August von Stavanger nach Kristiansand, quer durch den norwegischen Bibel-Gürtel. Er wollte damit gegen dogmatische religiöse Erziehung von Kindern protestieren. Der 2,7 meter lange Saurier ist natürlich vom pseudowissenschaftlichen „intelligent Design“ Unsinn inspiriert, der behauptet, Menschen und Dinos hätten dereinst friedlich zusammengelebt, weil die Erde ja laut altem Testament nur soundso alt sei.

Mit dem Coelophysisrad gegen Religionsgehirnwäsche. So sollte Kunst immer sein. vg.no, pic Markus Moestue

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  1. Antireligiöser Fanatismus ist nicht neu. Wir folgen da heute inmancherr Hinsicht dem Ungeist der Französischen Revolution – mit eben dieser Richtung, erwchsen aus einem nicht unbedingt korrekten und logischen „Wissenschaftsfanatismus“, sondern eher einer „politischen Korrektheit“, die eben alles Regelgebundene als Unterdrückung ansieht – unter anderem eben auch alles natürlich Geschlechtliche.Von daher haben erstaunlicherwise Kaiser Caligula und der „Göttliche Marquis“, sowie Harvey Milk viel gemeinsam.
    Zur Frage Creation oder Evolution sei nur bemerkt, daß eine die andere nicht ausschließt, eben nur alte Shriften im Rahmen ihre Symbolik gelesen und nicht als Wissenschaftstheorien zu verstehen sind. Sehen wir’s doch mal so:


    Endless was stretching the Nothing
    – Pretending to be a ‘Black Hole‘
    – Though never able to be that, for:
    Is not a ‘Black Hole’ full of quantities?
    – Is it not rich, eternally, in matter
    – Though not the matter that we step upon?

    And yet – it did blow up
    – It did? – What did?
    The Nothing?
    – This “Nothing”.
    One day, It just exploded
    – That IT that had been “Nothing”.

    That did explode one day
    – Which was no day,
    It did it on a day
    – Which had no time,
    As time had not existed
    – To that moment.

    The nothing became matter:
    Power material – called Energy,
    With all the possibilities,
    And bound by all the laws
    That will appear in later times
    And testify its wondrous origin.

    The Energy that did contract so much
    That is could not escape
    – but in that great explosion,
    Critical mass splitting to stars and planets,
    Whole systems in their millions – and who knows:
    Was this the only mass that ever came to point?

    One time-span flows into another one
    – So, why not worlds?
    One second, thousand days, a billion years:
    Some things move fast – while the time of others is endless.
    But move they do, for that is their existence
    – As it is ours.

    So worketh Nature’s way from World’s first light
    Throughout the periods of what’s called „Creation“,
    The billions of years that are not but one day:
    From stars and planets, galaxies and moons,
    To nights and days
    Of earthly dark and light

    And Gases forming liquids,
    Atmospheres ‚round solids;
    And finally, „  “
    – from ‚water’s womb‘ arises
    What only can be in one place:
    Where water is: All Life.

    From simple formless cells
    To multiple splits and growth
    Into simple water life,
    Then, amphibious growth
    To plants, animals – AND us.
    In a circle of Life and Death.

    Yet, nothing’s ever lost,
    – And what there is
    Can be like
    – Nay, must:
    Be this at one point in time
    – and something else at another.

    But what it cannot be, that is:
    – At different times being the same.
    – Not even in two seconds,
    As “into the same river
    – No one can ever step twice”,
    – as „all’s in flow.“

    What is here now
    Was there before
    – But in another form
    And likewise, never can
    – just like the rabbit from magician’s hat:
    A universe jump simply out of Nothing!

    Unless, of course, there is
    – As generations always have believed:
    An Actor, Agent, Power, clever Spirit
    Who did just this:
    Made Everything
    From Nothing.

    It is a miracle
    – if ever there was one.
    And out of this one
    – thousands and trillions rose,
    Still rising every day
    – and never standing still.

    All moving and all changing
    – and yet
    Not losing any smallest bit!
    Nor adding to the whole which is the world.
    And that’s the mystery: If nothing’s added
    – All that is here was so from the beginning:

    Which takes us back to our earliest question:
    What was there? What is here?
    What was? What is?
    The WHAT, the IT that held it all in it.
    The What?
    – The Energy, the Mass, the World!

    From whence emerged our Sun and Earth?
    Our plants and animals that feed us here?
    And we ourselves
    – emerging from that chaos:
    The noble animal
    – that thinks to much.

    Although: It’s not the thinking: that’s God’s gift
    – Although some fables put the blame elsewhere:
    – to snakes and ‚fallen angels‘.
    But let’s not be deceived: It is just us!
    And even not our thinking
    – just our arrogance!

    We are ourselves part of one greater Something:
    That Something which appeared where Nothing was
    To make a start, one day of many more
    – But this, our Seventh Day of Creavolution
    Is now, is here, with us – for us to form !
    Is our job, our work and our duty.

    Wherever what we form came to us,
    And made us, as so many other lives
    – We do not know it.
    – And will never know.
    We cannot know’t in full
    But just imagine.

    That is the problem with all that we have:
    Our science can investigate what’s now.
    And that it has an origin
    We can’t deny nor doubt
    But prove it, what it is, or what it was
    That we cannot.

    What we can do is look,
    And be amazed.
    And cherish that we were made part of this
    – And in this beauty see its origin,
    And our own which must be somewhat like
    A picture, an idea, part of It.

    And it may dawn on our little mind
    That something true and great
    Resides in us,
    Because we could, like all around ourselves,
    Not be the way we are, were not a plan of us
    – as well a every other thing and being

    – Had it not been there from the start:
    The option, the potential of myself
    Together with this world that I belong to:
    – Something that is, or who is – always was:
    The Principle, the Thought behind it all.

    Gefällt mir

    • Ja is klar, Antireligiöser Fanatismus ist das Hauptproblem unserer Zeit.
      Selten so einen Unfug gelesen….. aber noch ist das ja erlaubt!
      Hier zumindest wird man ja noch nicht von einer Religionspolizei verfolgt weil man eine schräge Meinung hat.
      Aber wie lange noch?

      Gefällt mir

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