Als ob Gregor Gysi neuer Chef der SPD wäre


Die britische Labour-Partei hat heute Jeremy Corbyn zum neuen Parteichef gewählt, einen langjährigen Friedensaktivisten, Parlamentarier und Sozialisten. Das ist, als ob Gregor Gysi neuer Chef der SPD wäre. Ein massiver Linksrutsch. Natürlich werden jetzt die Medien (kontrolliert von reichen Leuten und/oder Medienkonzernen) über ihn herfallen. Aber es ist eine Chance für Britannien. guardian, pic youtube

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  1. Wird Zeit, dass da auch in einem der großen EU-Länder mal wieder eine Gegenposition zum herrschenden Mainstream bezogen wird!

    Gefällt mir

  2. das nennt man FEIGENBLATT, denn ein einziger bauer macht noch keinen bauerntopf.

    ich wünsche es ihm und england, ich denke aber das es ihm ungefähr so ergehen wird wie seinerzeit oskar lafontaine anfang bis mitte der neuziger, leider.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Na, das ist doch schoen! – hab‘ ich Jeremy auch gleich geschrieben:

    Dear Comrade Jeremy!

    – I suppose I can call you that, as I am one of the six re-founders of the Labour Party in Merseyside/Wallasey in 1994, then Constituency (Wallasey) and District (Wirral) Delegate –

    Coming from an old social-democrat family, and grown up with a good deal of internationalism, I had no problem in helping to fill a gap which would, naturally, have seemed unnatural to me: A region of sailors, dockers, and ship-builders (my father-in-law had been with Cammell-Lairds) ad no Labour Party?

    Mind you, I left the Wirral again where I had worked with Angela Eagle (my computer was the best one in the party at the time – I had brought it back from Hong Kong where I had helped, in twelve years, to raise the HK Polytechnic to HK Polytechnic University. And talking about Internationalism, I had designed and taught the first courses there in ‘Interational Studies’, ‘Cross-Cultural Studies’, and ‘Problems and Ethics in the Progress of Science, esp. Medical Science’.

    You see: I am a philosopher (and historian, and linguist) having got my first M.A. under Ernst Bloch, famous German-Jewish Marxist (comparing Morus’ “Utopia” and Bellamy’s “Looking Backwrd”), and my PhD on the “Predictability of Fascism”. On the language side, there is, apart from being recognized as ”Native English Teacher” (although I’m a real Saxon), a strong part in Russian (which I gained in NATO eavesdropping – air force), which I complemented with some strength in Eastern European History (including the history of Ukraine – which is particularly interesting right now).

    This combination of German, English, Russian (and some French) came in useful, of course, when, from 1979 to end 1980, I dug my way through Rothschild’s archives, for Nottingham U and the SSRC, after I had taught in Dundee and Birmingham (NOT Alabama!) universities. The reason for this being that I was barred from teaching back home – but, strangely, then being offered that Scottish post – far away.

    But let me come to your performance tonight: You won – and there was reason for it:
    A. You were the only one who connected the refugees with wars in Libya and Syria (US ones!)
    B. You were the one who openly criticized Blair (though not enough – esp. his Iraq AND home policies)
    C. You showed knowledge in economics and the need to come off covert Thatcherism.

    In short: With you, I would hope to see an end to the false Blair “New Labour” – speak “New Tory”, for it had turned exactly to that “forgetting one’s principles just to get an office” which was also asked tonight. This would also encourage me, as we are pondering of coming back to Aulde Blythe, to join the re-born Real Labour again.

    I am aware –as you certainly are- that it will cost a gigantic effort to remove the sneer and vilification that Thatcher& Co have thrown on anything even remotely seeming “Un-British” (as McCarthian “Un-American”) and “left” (see “reds under beds”). It is time to bring it clear to working people that just owning a car –or even a home- does not make them Bourgeois – but, at the best – “petit bourgeois”.

    This great error the late “Queen Margaret” had taught must be unmasked as a trick to self-deception and part of the lie that “there are no social classes anymore”. Anyone who lives in any town and sees the high street shop window boarded up should know better: Uptown, they don’t have that!

    So, all the best to your leadership – and hopefully a true Labour Party again!

    As for a female leader – not a bad idea, but no Rosa Luxemburg on board yet! Not Harriet the arch “feminist” – but not a real one – like Rosa! And, God hide us from Jacqui Smith! And Angela? – No, not the caliber yet – but maybe, I’ve been away for.too long.
    There’ll be one – surely – but right now, it’s your job.
    Get on with it!
    Just to show you where I am demanding some “humanity” and “guilty feeling” from, and the New York Times even published my demand for Obama’s Impeachment and Hilary in the Dock!
    There must be some rumbling going on, too. A few years ago, they wouldn’t have done it.


    Application and Request to the


    To order immediate action of support for Refugees from countries affected by recent US military acts. IN THE LIGHT OF THE URGENCY HERE IMMEDIATE ACTION IS LEGALLY AND MORALLY REQUIRED!

    As the flood of Refugees has swollen to numbers beyond the capacity of the European Union, and as these and the hundreds of thousands of deaths are related to acts outside all laws,
    undertaken by this US Administration, there is no alternative but to:

    I. IMPEACH PRESIDENT OBAMA (and begin prosecutions as soon as ex-office) on the grounds of WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY resulting in Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Civilians’ Deaths and Millions of Displaced Persons and Families;

    on the same charges, on the grounds of her active participation in those Crimes – especially the arming of Syrian groups, a supply which reached as far as ISIL!

    As a result of collaboration in the said Crimes, there must also be laid:

    IIa. Criminal charges of the said Crimes against:
    Mssrs. Sarkozy (France), Cameron (Brtain), Berlusconi (Italy), the Emir of Qatar, et al, as secondary co-defendants / associates to the same Crimes.

    IIb. Civil / Compensation charges against the countries which have, by electing (or not deposing) the above perpetrators of the said Crimes, become associated with the same and, therefore, guilty by association and obliged to undo the harm and damage caused by the same to the best of their endeavour and ability.

    To be submitted to the above Addressées, in the name and signed by the Following:

    Dr. J. Boost, Hong Kong, PR China




    Gefällt mir

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