Die Wahrheit über den Brexit

brexit_die partei

Einer geht immer: Die Partei. Sie ist sehr schadenfroh. Unter uns: So lustig das Bild ist, es stimmt nicht. Die deutsche Hegemonie war schon vorher da, und bleibt auch im Fall von Britannien bestehen. So leid es mir tut, das sagen zu müssen, aber Deutschland hat den dritten Weltkrieg gewonnen. Diesmal ohne Geballer, nur mit Wirtschaft und Scheisse sein. Auch gegen die eigene Bevölkerung. Es ist unsere Verantwortung, das zu ändern. via kth

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  1. du meinst eher den kalten krieg. der 3. weltkrieg kommt ja erst noch :P

    Gefällt mir

  2. „Es ist unsere Verantwortung, das zu ändern. via kth“
    Und wie bitte, Fritz?
    Das, was seit Jahrzehnten in unserm Lande passiert, ist die Vorbereitung auf den 3. Weltkrieg.
    Die Amerikaner sind dabei die Anführer und Merkel gehorcht.

    Aber das Schlamassel begann schon vor Merkels Zeit. Alles kann man ihr nicht in die Pumps schieben.

    Der größte Fehler war der Euro und die Globalisierung.

    Vielleicht geht in Zukunft alles ein bisschen schneller, wenn Merkel nochmals antritt und gewinnt und Killary ans Ruder kommt.

    Zwei kriegsgeile Weiber, die packen das.

    Gefällt mir

    • Hol schon mal den Aluhut raus: Ich glaube, dass Frau Merkel nicht bestimmt wie’s läuft, sondern nur bei den 0.001% mitschwimmt. So als Karriereoption. Was willste auch sonst machen, als Pfarrerstochter mit Physikstudium, ausser möglichst skrupellos und korrupt sein?

      Gefällt mir

  3. Free Britain ?

    “The Sun has Risen over a Free United Kingdom”
    Thus spake the Lord Farage of namely kingdom,
    Yet not alone, as another had said it before,
    Namely: “Freedom for England!”
    What Freedom? And WhatEngland?

    Whose sun then was it, and whose victory
    That shines likewise on Farage and Old Bailey,
    Upon the man that stands there in the dock,
    A likewise hater of what he don’t know
    And follower of “Leave”, accused of murder?

    Could ever this the sun be of free people –
    A sun of butchers and polit-profiteers?
    Of cheaters, liars who direct the anger
    Which people rightly have against bad governance
    Against some others with nor part in it.

    I thought, the curse of “Nationalism” had,
    With all the xenophobia it brings along,
    Been left behind – almost one century?
    The wars that leading classes’ interests
    Had brought upon those who had nought of it.

    Forward into the past, Nigel and Boris!
    Forward and throw away the “cursed fetters”,
    Those “chains of one big market”, and do not
    Forget the Euro billions that helped raise
    More than one region here from sad misfortune!

    And do not forget either all the laws
    Which jointly did secure all human rights,
    Putting more light under some fluffy wigs.
    This country had grown better with the others
    That it fell back in some things is not others’ fault.

    Remember it, the recent another vote:
    On Proportional, that’s Real Representation,
    That would have put more real people’s voice,
    To governments that would need a full half,
    Instead just ‘bout 40 percent, as usual.

    I know, new things are oft not loved around here:
    To drop the ‘rotten boroughs’ took long time,
    Just as it does now with “first past the pole”.
    Is it “homesickness” to dream of past times?
    They weren’t that good, and you know that as well.

    That knowledge should be power, should it not?
    So, why did no one really ask for it:
    ‘How much did EU good around this country?
    Was/is it more than we paid members’ fees?
    We never saw accounts – just wild bad claims.’

    Now, the first moment, it’s already clear:
    This country is not Queen Victoria’s Britain!
    It cannot sit on riches from all over
    The world, and has control of all the markets.
    Much there took someone else – and you know who.

    And don’t think of the glorious ‘Commonwealth’
    Whose grateful kowtow will come to the rescue!
    That is a pipe-dram, as the other, too.
    Wake up from Piper’s flute and luring tune,
    It is not yours – but only for the Piper.

    It’s not too late: SIGN FOR A REAL VOTE!
    A referendum that is ill informed
    I not a referendum but a cheat.
    And then: A second vote – a real one!

    Come on, there are good reasons:
    Not only London floods prevetend voters!
    Why wee no polling booths at Glastonbury?
    Why were not 16year-olds asked to vote?
    It is their future – more than Mrs. Marple’s!

    Her Britain does look nice in films and novels,
    But we don’t live in them , they are long gone.
    Then, no one cared about their study fees –
    The few who went to university would have no problem,
    But today’s young have different ways to go.

    So: Up and Sign! Say, this vote was a trial.
    It is not Law and open to discussion!


    The latest Civil War has found its first victim:
    A modern Woman, Mother, People’s Delegate,
    And one of modern ‘Real Labour’s comrades,
    That is: Not Tony Blair’s fake neo-Tory!
    Such people will not dream old Empire dreams
    Of ‘Raj’ and worlds of which “one third is ours”.
    It is not anymore so, get the message:
    What’s left to us is just this “sceptered isle”
    Of which –it seems – the Northern Crown is wobbly
    And not too far from turning all Republic,
    Where salmon(d)s swim and sturgeons “rule the waves”,
    To fend for waters ‘round their North Sea oil.
    “Alas, Britannia – I knew her well !”
    And as a better land to live and love,
    Ere crazy phantasies were sprouting pois’nous flowers
    Of being Oooh so special! And so “different”.
    Different from who and what?
    A stock that’s all Germanic,
    Even in francofied wild Viking hordes –
    And still a sprig of DNA that’s Celtic!
    It’s just a mishmash – just a healthy mongrel,
    As anywhere in wanderlustig Europe.
    But now, that impure bulldog gives great barks at
    Alsatians and Great Danes and Dalmatinos.
    Hark: Has not been a shared food bowl much better
    Than hunting on one’s own for meager mice?
    Something’s gone bad in poor old Blythe lately:
    There’s not ye aulde way of feeling good –
    Too much of “I want this!” -and “That is mine!”
    And some cries over “Immigrants!” and “Muslims!”
    But all who have done terror were ‘home-grown –
    Not refugees, “job-snatchers from EU”!
    Uncertainty is, all that’s here, home-made!
    That feeling insecure when homes are out of reach
    Of which the young suffer the most these days,
    Or waiting for a date with NHS.
    That’s not all “Brussels” – our new “great hobgoblin”.
    What kills most of the good things of old England
    And killed this comrade who defended them,
    The goodness, friendship, solidarity:
    It was a false “true Brit” who did the deed
    Who, in false fear, has opened up more danger.

    Gefällt mir

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