Facebook-Watch: So entstehen Fake-News

Zum heutigen Frühlingsanfang postet dieses Facebook ungefragt Fake-News. Hierzu möchte ich die Fakten klarstellen: Dear Zuckerberg-minions! Today is the day we heathens celebrate as equinox, because today the nighttime is just as long as the daytime. That’s why it’s called equi-nox (Latin for equal… night. Get it?). Yes, summer days are longer than nights and in the winter days are shorter. But days are not getting longer starting at equinox, but at midwinter day – up to this date days are getting shorter, after it (usually 22th of december) they’re getting longer. Today daylight is not beginning to get longer, but equal in time to night. And days will stop getting longer and start getting shorter in mid summer. Not at autumn equinox, mind you. No problem. You’re welcome. I’m glad, i could help (you may want to additionally check this on Wikipedia). But please stop distributing fake-news! Not about daylight time, not about refugees eating endangered whales alive, not about capitalism providing any solutions for problems it created. Not even about Facebook. No fake-news at all! We just had enough of that, thank you. Happy equinox to everyone! screenshot: facebook

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